Face & Body Sculpting


What is FusionMed?

It is a complete Aesthetic solution for face and body.

FusionMed is a new technology combining several technologies into one safe and non-invasive system for body and facial procedures.

What technology is in this unit?
-Radio Frequency
-Micro needling
-Fat Freezing
-Contouring and modelling

-Elimination of
          Localized adiposity
-Improvement of 
          Stretch marks
          Fine lines
-Skin tightening
-Long term new collagen synthesis
-No patient recovery

We will individually assess your areas of concern and recommend the best tailored programe for you.

Prices are  determined by each client’s needs.

 All treatments are non-invasive so no surgery, anaesthetic or sedation required.

Radio Frequency Skin Needling

Skin Needling also called micro needling, dermarolling or needle abrasion is a powerful skin remodelling techinque. The most common needling tool is a roller, similar to a mini paint roller. Some needling techniques use radio frequency through the needles which is a better way of performing this on the skin.

R/F Skin needling - the most affective form of skin needling. This type of needling is done with needles ranging from .5mm to 2mm. This is considered the minimum length needle to reach the dermis, where the controlled damage stimulates the wound healing response and initiates a cascade of growth factors that resullts in tissue proliferation .R/F skin needling can be done on both face and body.

R/F skin needling with needles longer than .5mm is one of the best skin remodelling techniques, especially for stretch marks. It is one of the very few ways to stimulate elastin growth, which is an essential component of the skins matrix and gives skin it's “spring back” and tightness. In addition to treating scars,stretch marks, discolouration and wrinkles,it is also effective for improving overall skins texture, laxity or mild sagging, broken capillaries.

It can also be performed on thin, dry or sensitive skin that cannot tolerate exposure to acidic skin peels. The healing time is short and there is minimal discomfort. The treatment can be performed many times with an accumulative affect.

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Body Treatments

Using Radio Frequency – Ultra sound/cavitation - Cryolipolysis/ Fat freezing

Sometimes no matter how hard we try or how good our diet is we cannot move that stubborn area of fat of cellulite or loose skin.
We offer our clients the safest and most advanced non-surgical body fat reduction procedure for body contouring and shaping.

Radio Frequency- skin tightening

This procedure will thicken the epidermis that thins with age. It can be a beneficial treatment to induce Collagen and elastin as well as to reduce skins laxity.

This emits a low frequency ultrasound energy causing the formation of vapour bubbles within the interstitial areas of the body. Such bubbles use to implode provoking shock waves able to selectively damage the membranes of the fat cells. This procedure allows fat cells to be expelled through the lymph nodes for the body to dispose naturally.

Cryolpolisis-fat freezing
This is the ideal treatment for someone that has the stubborn areas of fat they cannot move. Cells in our body react to heat or cold at different temperature levels. Cryolipolisis targets the water content of the fat cell and freezes it at -10 degrees Celsius for up to 60 minutes. Over a period of several months these frozen fat cells die and are eliminated from the body naturally.


Facial Lifting and Tightening (non surgical face and neck lift)
Using Radio Frequency.

If you are looking for ways to tighten and lift your skin with no healing time no pain and affordable you may want to consider this procedure.
It can be a beneficial treatment to induce Collagen and Elastin as well as to reduce skins laxity. This procedure will thicken the epidermis that thins with age. 
Your skin will look tighter and thicker with a notable lift.(non surgical face lift)
Helping with Acne, Wrinkles, Fine lines and skins condition with long term collagen synthesis.
It is recommended you undertake 8 treatments for the best results.

Call for your individual consultation. We are all different and have very different concerns so at Naveen we will design a programe tailored for you only, to ensure your results are realistic and long term.
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