LED skin therapy revolutionised with the next generation portable mask. It’s the only professional-grade flexible LED light therapy mask that is FDA approved.


UNVEILED is a clinically proven treatment to improve skin hydration, texture and signs of aging with instant visible results. After just one 10-minute session skin feels plumper, more hydrated and instantly rejuvenated, unveiling ultimate skin radiance. UNVEILED is an easy to use, portable, non-invasive treatment, which requires no downtime. 


This breakthrough mask offers the perfect combination of functionality, safety and clinically proven age-defying results:


  • A lightweight flexible silicon mask that sits on the skin for better light delivery
  • Two types of red and near infrared wavelengths for superior results
    • 95% of users said their skin tone, texture, firmness and tightness was improved
    • Clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by 35% in just 4 weeks
  • No plug: Powered by an easy-to-recharge small battery for ultimate portability
  • Monitored by proprietary software that controls temperature and treatment length for optimum safety
  • Proven to stimulate collagen production and kick start cellular renewal


Safe, portable, flexible and comfortable PRIORI’s UNVEILED delivers maximum results.


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This product has a two year warranty after the original purchase date on manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship.

UNVEILED Flexible Light Therapy Mask by PRIORI

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